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Undoubtedly, the Apple Watch seamlessly integrates fitness tracking, health tracking, and telecommunications. Moreover, there is no need to constantly check your phone since this product is compatible with either an iPhone or an iPad.

The Apple Watch may look luxurious, but it is not unbreakable. Apple watches are delicate pieces of technology, and a single drop can cause the glass to crack. An iWatch may be damaged by exposure to the elements while worn on your wrist. Do not worry; it isn’t a serious matter. You should contact the best iWatch repair store.

That’s where Toughees Telecom comes forward. We are a reliable Apple watch repair store in Delhi. The team at Toughees Telecom has the fastest and most reliable solutions when you have Apple Watch problems. Whether it is a battery, charging, screen, or any other problem, we will always use genuine parts for your Apple Watch.

Our technicians can resolve your issue whether you have a Series 2 or the latest Series 8. Our technicians do not know how valuable your Apple Watch is to you, so it can be challenging to carry on with your daily activities when not wearing it. Therefore, they can complete the repair quickly, accurately, and completely.

The quality of work is never compromised for the sake of speed. The speed of our services is the result of our dedicated team, high-quality tools, and years of experience servicing Apple Watches.

We at Toughees Telecom are passionate about speed, and we want you to spend only a little time away from your iWatch. Now is the time to experience speed and quality rolled into one. Visit our iWatch repair store in Delhi!

Common Apple Watch problems we fix

iWatch Screen Replacement

The Apple Watch has a great display but is vulnerable to physical damage since it is exposed to all kinds of elements and cannot be protected like an iPhone or iPad. Do not let a broken screen get you down. Call our Apple Watch Repair Service in Delhi, and we will fix your screen as soon as possible.

iWatch Charging Issue

It may sometimes be impossible to charge your Apple Watch despite using the magnetic charger. Toughees Telecom will take care of this for you when you need it. If you are experiencing issues with your iWatch Charging, our technicians can repair it so that you may use it again.

iWatch Water Damage

Apple Watches that are water resistant are excellent in repelling small traces of liquid, which may accumulate during workouts or handwashing. As the Apple Watch's water resistance wears off over time, it becomes more vulnerable to liquid damage. If this occurs, it can cause considerable trouble. Electronics and water are incompatible, and our experts can restore your iWatch to its original state with a water damage treatment.

iWatch Battery Replacement

Generally speaking, a faulty battery can cause two types of problems. When this occurs, Apple Watches begin to drain faster than usual. You may also experience a swollen battery, which poses a risk to your battery and screen and is dangerous to wear. You must replace the battery of your Apple Watch as soon as possible!


If the screen is unresponsive due to a drop due to the new digitizer replacement, the Cracked Glass repair will be able to fix any non-responsiveness on the screen from the drop you suffered.

Every iWatch replacement made by Toughees Telecom’s service store in Delhi comes with a three-month warranty. You must ensure the seal is intact if you want to claim your warranty, and the warranty won’t be valid if it’s damaged or tampered with.

We do not require a passcode, but you will need to allow us access to your Apple Watch before and after repair to test it thoroughly. Please take a backup and reset your Apple Watch before repairing it. After that, we can ensure that the device is fully functional and tested when delivered.

First of all, the Apple Watch isn’t waterproof. Second, there are different levels of water resistance in each series. Your new Apple Watch might be more water resistant than your old one, whose gaskets and water resistance wear out over time. A screen crack or a frame gap can also cause water damage to the iWatch. You don’t realize it’s already too late, but there’s still hope. We’ll help you with all your Apple Watch problems.

If your watch requires repair, please select the type of repair you need and the appropriate booking option. We accept mail-ins and drop-offs, so whether you live locally or not, we can assist you. If you are still determining what type of repair your watch requires, it is our pleasure to help you.


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