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The iPad was launched on April 10 with a 9.7-inch screen with a pixel resolution.

The Apple iPad epitomizes elegance, style, and durability. Your iPad is always at hand, no matter where you are, whether at school, work, or watching a movie.

You depend on it daily to live peacefully, so it should function efficiently. But when they’re broken or have problems, it’s annoying.

Well! No matter what the issue is, whether it is a cracked screen or a dead battery, Toughees Telecom is here to assist you.

An iPad requires a specific skill set to be repaired correctly, and our technicians are qualified and knowledgeable to fix any model of iPad at our iPad repair store in Delhi. We also offer Level 1 iPad repairs in Delhi to all commercial clients.

We offer a comprehensive iPad repair service. Thus, we only use parts of the highest quality. Industry-leading warranties cover our repairs, and we stand behind everything we do. We also offer a warranty on our repairs.

Our service and repair options are very convenient. Our iPad repair service in Delhi includes all iPad models, from the iPad 1 (yes, an eight-year-old iPad) to the iPad Pro. It does not matter if you have one iPad or a thousand; we can repair it. Our specialty is repairing iPads, and we are experts in this field.

We fix iPads fast at an affordable price to make things easier for you. Our spare parts come from genuine manufacturers to ensure their originality. The more customers we satisfy, the more confident we are in providing guaranteed iPad service.

Are you in need of iPad repairs in Delhi? Feel free to contact Toughees Telecom in Delhi with any questions. You can trust our expert technicians to repair your tablet quickly and without hassle.

Some of the Common Problems We Fix

iPad Camera Repair

You can take the highest quality photographs with your iPad, but if its camera malfunctions, you may not be able to take photos as planned. Our technicians offer iPad camera repair services in Delhi. We can fix broken lenses, blurry or spotty photos, and other issues related to the camera on iPads.

iPad Battery Replacement

You can take your iPad anywhere with you and read a story there as well. You can only do this if your device's battery starts draining fast. Whenever you see a problem with your battery, call our iPad battery replacement immediately to avoid being stuck with a non-functioning device. It's our specialty to replace iPad batteries, and we use only Apple iPad batteries with a one-year warranty.

iPad Damaged Screen Replacement

You might need help watching or reading if your iPad screen is damaged or glitchy. A team of well-trained iPad screen replacement specialists uses genuine parts to replace damaged screens fast. It's easy to get a screen replacement for your iPad on the same day.

iPad Charging or Headphone Jack

How do you charge your iPad? Are you having problems with your headphone jack? If so, you should have them repaired as soon as possible so you can continue using your iPad. If you have issues with your iPad's charging or headphone jack, you can have it repaired in minutes with our iPad charging repair services in Delhi.

iPad WiFi or Bluetooth Damage Repair

It's possible to get laggy connections or random connectivity drops if your iPad's WiFi or Bluetooth is damaged. A real challenge can be fixing connectivity issues as quickly as possible. Our technical experts can assist you if you experience any issues with WiFi or Bluetooth connectivity.


We provide a lifetime warranty on all parts, with the exception of the iPad’s battery. A one-year warranty covers the replacement battery.

Low battery health is to blame for this problem in some cases. When the battery health of your iPad is too low, we will replace the battery using our specialized tools.

You will be charged something once your iPad is repaired and returned to you. When you receive it back, we will accept payment in any manner convenient for you. We accept the following forms of payment: cash, card, UPI, wallet, online, and bank transfers.

We recommend you take a backup of your iPad and reset it before handing it over. This is because we require complete access to the device to conduct a thorough quality check and test on it. A test of the functionality of the camera, WiFi, speakers, etc., can only be performed if we can use them.

If the iPad was disabled for a valid reason, there is a possibility that it can be restored without losing data. It is sometimes impossible, and the iPad needs to be reset before it can be used, and your data will be lost. If this is impossible, we will get your approval before continuing and only proceed if you agree.

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