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Microsoft Surface products include touchscreen-based computers, tablets, and interactive whiteboards. All Surface products run Microsoft Windows, except for Surface Duo.

Microsoft Surface is a portable and convenient device, but if it is dropped or stepped on, it may be damaged.

When it comes to your Microsoft Surface Pro, trusting an experienced and reliable Microsoft Surface repair store can provide you with peace of mind.

Almost all cases, our highly qualified technicians at Toughees Telecom can restore the Microsoft Surface to its original condition by performing the necessary repairs.

You can rely on Toughees Telecom to promptly repair or replace your Surface Pro screen. Our Surface laptop repair store has the tools, parts, and experience to complete your project.

The most common repair request is replacing the Microsoft Surface screen. Because of this, we always have screen and LCD parts on hand. By doing this, we can provide service as quickly as possible – often within a day or two.

There is more to our services than just damage repairs; we can repair both major and minor issues. Also, we offer a limited lifetime warranty that covers all parts and labour of your Microsoft Surface repair – it has always been challenging.

If you would like to reach out to our Microsoft Surface repair store in Delhi, you are most welcome. Every job is a manageable size for us. Our team can handle it effectively.

Our most common Microsoft Surface repairs

Microsoft Surface Laptop Screen Replacement

When you drop or knock your Surface laptop, external parts such as the screen may easily be damaged. Sometimes repairing a laptop screen can be difficult because there need to be more parts from the manufacturer. Toughees Telecom's certified engineers can replace laptop displays in those cases, so we are the best repair store to work with.

Microsoft Surface Laptop Battery Replacement

Microsoft Surface laptops may suffer from battery-related issues. The battery of a laptop may not charge for a variety of reasons. The battery drains quickly after some work or otherwise fails because it is old, has a broken power cord, or has a damaged charging circuit. Therefore, it is necessary to replace the battery, which can be done with the assistance of Toughees Telecom.

Microsoft Surface Laptop Keyboard Replacement

Keyboards allow a user to communicate with a computer by providing input. Damaged keyboards for Microsoft Surface laptops can cease working at any time. You may also experience keyboard issues such as unresponsive keys. You will need to contact a reliable service store like Toughees Telecom for a keyboard replacement.

Microsoft Surface Laptop Motherboard Repair

Most computers can be rendered unusable if the motherboard becomes damaged or defective. A motherboard failure can be challenging for a technician or user to solve since many factors must be considered. Toughees Telecom has the most qualified technicians available to address motherboard issues.

Microsoft Surface Laptop Chip Level Repair

As a first step, chip-level repair requires a technician with extensive experience and certification from a reputable repair store like Toughees Telecom. As part of Microsoft Surface laptop chip level repair, parts such as the screen, battery, keyboard, and BGA or PS2 chips are repaired.

Microsoft Surface Laptop Liquid Damage Repair

It is common for laptop users to suffer water and liquid damage. We spill drinks on our laptops when we use them on the bed, damaging internal components or making them unusable. At Toughees Telecom, we repair liquid damage to motherboards, CPUs, hard drives, and optical drives.

Microsoft Surface Laptop Hard Disk Failure Repair

When the hard drive in your Microsoft Surface laptop fails, your data cannot be accessed. Toughees Telecom's data recovery team restores old data to its original state using advanced equipment. If your hard drive is corrupted or malfunctioning, trained technicians can fix it.


Our Microsoft service store for device repair is, without a doubt, the best in Delhi. We still give full attention to each customer, no matter how many gadgets we repair. You can rest assured that all of our repairs are backed by a guarantee. We will contact you when we receive your item, while it is being repaired, and when it is ready for return.

Your device will need to be repaired for a specific time, depending on the issue’s difficulty. It may only take 30 minutes to fix a cracked screen, but it may take up to 2 weeks for the process to be completed.

If you’re unhappy with our service, please get in touch with us first. Whenever we get a complaint, we take it seriously and resolve it as soon as possible. If your issue cannot be resolved within 24 to 48 hours, it will be escalated automatically.

Surface devices are convenient and portable but often damaged by water and have cracked screens. It is almost guaranteed that our expert technicians can repair any damage to a Microsoft Surface by repairing it nearly every time.

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