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Undoubtedly, the Oppo brand is one of the most recognizable in the smartphone industry, and it occupies a niche of its own due to its design, security, elegance, and camera.

The quality of Oppo products has been consistently high since the company was launched in 2008. There is something about Oppo smartphones that always makes you smile with their vibrant colors. This is an affordable smartphone with the latest technology.

Many excellent features are included in smartphones, including extraordinary battery life that can last an entire day when used normally. This is coupled with fast, unstoppable performance when playing games and watching movies. Also, there is a thoughtful balance between style and substance.

This smartphone has Corning Gorilla Glass on the front screen, one of the most durable displays available on smartphones today. The glass of Oppo phones is prone to physical damage, such as falling or slipping, which makes them more likely to break. If you damage your Oppo by accident, you may be required to pay for Oppo repair costs.

Please do not panic! If you are having problems with your Oppo phone, Toughees Telecom can assist you. We can fix all Oppo problems, including screen damage or replacement, cracked screens, phones that become blank on calls, ear speakers and jacks, power buttons, and cameras. We can also repair excessive battery heat on Oppo phones.

When your Oppo phone is no longer functioning, we understand the difficulty. Our genuine suggestion has helped several phone owners save thousands of bucks. Our suggestion has been evaluated accurately, and our team will offer you a solution. We will also inform you if the device can be repaired.

You can get a quote from us that is affordable and competitive. When you need to repair your Oppo smartphone, our technicians will fix the problem. We can easily improve water spills, drops, rough handling, or normal faults. You can consider us as the best Oppo phone screen repair service in Delhi.

Thus, choose our mobile repair store in Delhi if you need an Oppo phone screen replacement at a reasonable price that will last a long time.

Common Oppo Mobile Phone Repairs We Provide

Oppo Phone Screen Replacement

It is advisable not to continue using an Oppo screen that has been broken, and it is very risky to do so since broken screen parts can cause serious injury to your hands. We can replace or repair your broken Oppo screen if you contact our certified technicians.

Oppo Phone Battery Repair

Even though Oppo phone batteries are usually very reliable, you might have to replace them if they can't hold a charge in Oppo phones. Let Toughees Telecom help you replace that old Oppo phone battery with a new genuine Oppo phone replacement battery.

Oppo Water damage repair

Having a wet Oppo phone or any other type of liquid damage? No worries! Toughees Telecom has years of experience fixing Oppo liquid damage. Our team of repair professionals will restore your phone to its original condition.

Oppo Phone Camera Repair

If you drop your Oppo smartphone accidentally, the front and back cameras begin taking blurry pictures that are impossible to recognize. You should replace your Oppo smartphone's current front and rear camera lenses so your next picture is clear, easily recognizable, and high-quality. We can replace the front and back camera lenses on Oppo smartphones in 30 minutes to an hour with our highly-trained technicians.

Oppo Phone Charging Port Repair

Check your charger, charging cable, and charging port if you have a charging problem. Most often, the problem lies with the charging port, which needs to be repaired so your phone can be powered up again. If your charging port is faulty, contact a technician with experience replacing Oppo batteries. Toughees Telecom's highly qualified technicians can replace the charging port of your Oppo phone within 30 minutes or an hour. We use only original Oppo charging ports to ensure that the service is durable and that you will not experience any problems in the future.

Oppo Phone Liquid Damage Service

A liquid damage indicator on an Oppo phone can help you assess the extent of the damage if your device has been damaged by liquid. You can book an Oppo repair expert and engineer with Toughees Telecom, and we'll take care of it.

Oppo Phone Power Button Repair

It is very common for Oppo phones to suffer from the Power Button Problem, as it is with most other mobile phones. The constant use of this button as part of touchscreen phones may damage it. Our technicians can fix the power button on your Oppo phone if you need it.


Typically, Toughees Telecom takes 40 minutes to an hour to repair an Oppo device, depending on the problem’s complexity and the parts’ availability.

Toughees Telecom offers excellent replacement services, and we provide effective Oppo screen replacement services. If you are looking for an Oppo screen replacement in Delhi, we would be happy to assist you.

Yes. We repair all brands of phones, including Oppo. Our diagnostic process will take 30 minutes, and our technicians will determine the problem. Once the issue has been identified, we will notify you of the price and waiting period.

Turning off and then turning back on the phone is necessary. In some cases, the touch IC may cause problems after the problem has been resolved. In such a situation, our technicians can repair the device.

Yes. You can purchase your own battery if you wish. However, the one we offer is more durable and performs as expected.

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