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The Shenzhen-based company Realme manufactures smartphones in China.

The brand’s affordability and current specifications appeal to regular smartphone users in India, which has led to rapid expansion.

Since the company entered the Indian smartphone market a few years ago, it has managed to capture a substantial market share. It may look great until something goes wrong, but once it does, repairing it at a reasonable cost can be a challenge.

There’s nothing to worry about!

As one of Delhi’s leading mobile service providers, Toughees Telecom is dedicated to providing the highest levels of service. We offer Level 1 services to the corporate professionals at pocket-friendly cost.

No matter what’s wrong with your Realme phone, Toughees Telecom is the one-stop store for all your Realme phone repair needs: motherboard, charging problems, battery problems, display problems, speaker or microphone problems, screen replacements, camera problems, signal problems, water damage, etc.

It is our privilege to be considered one of the most reputable Realme repair stores in Delhi. Our technicians have extensive experience in repairing Realme phones. We are committed to customer satisfaction, which is why our mobile repair services are available at your convenience.

Our experts are well-equipped to handle whatever problem you are experiencing with your phone. Now is the time to take advantage of our low-cost Realme Repair service in Delhi.

We guarantee that you will be satisfied with our service and pricing.

Feel free to contact us!

Our Realme Mobile Repair Services

Realme Phone Screen Replacement

A broken display has become one of the most common problems associated with Realme mobile devices in recent years. A broken or shattered screen on your Realme phone compromises its beauty and functionality. Toughees Telecom provides Realme phone repair and replacement services throughout Delhi.

Realme Phone Battery Replacement

Batteries on mobile phones may need to be replaced if they are not functioning properly, including taking a long time to charge, draining quickly, and becoming deformed. It takes a few hours for our certified mobile phone repair engineers at our company to replace your faulty battery at your home or office, and we have the right tools always on hand.

Realme Phone Volume Button Repair

You will not be able to raise or lower the volume on your Realme device if the volume button or volume rocker is damaged. You should replace the volume rocker button as soon as possible if you notice it is malfunctioning. The cost of repairing and replacing volume buttons is extremely reasonable at our store.

Realme Mobile Phone Water Damage Repair

It doesn't matter if your smartphone has fallen into liquid, spilled over, or been damaged by liquid. You can get liquid damage issues fixed in a few hours and at an affordable price with certified technicians at Toughees Telecom. We only use original OEM parts and offer free pickup and delivery. Our most common repair is water damage, and we've successfully repaired thousands of phones.

Realme Mobile Phone Charging Port Replacement

Your phone may not charge after you have changed the charging cable. You may also need to clean the charging port, which may need to be repaired internally or replaced if it does not charge. The charging port is probably broken whenever your phone's charging cable works but does not charge or has to be in a particular position. Don't worry. Our certified technicians at a mobile repair store in Delhi can fix it in a few hours.

Realme Mobile Phone Camera Issue

It may be necessary to replace the back or front camera if it has been damaged, cracked, or is not functioning or if the lens has been scratched. Our technicians use OEM and original parts to repair and test your device before returning it to you in perfect working condition.


Currently, we are repairing screens, batteries, charging jacks, microphones, speakers, receivers, back panels, proximity sensors, and audio jacks of Realme mobile devices.

Generally, screen repair services are covered by a warranty of six months, while other services are covered by a warranty of three months. Our policy does not cover claims for physical damage or water damage to the parts. Any tampering or mishandling observed by our expert technicians will not be covered under warranty.

We only use parts that are 100% compatible with your device. Toughees Telecom is a repair service provider that can claim that its parts are original. Whenever possible, our phone repair uses top-quality compatible parts.

We at Toughees Telecom allow you to fix your mobile phone screen in just three clicks. First, you should select the product you would like to purchase, followed by the color of your phone. If your phone needs to be repaired, our technician will contact you.


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