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There is no doubt that Samsung smartphones are highly popular in many global markets. According to multiple metrics, Samsung is one of the largest electronic manufacturers in the world. However, at some point in time, our phones are bound to get damaged, broken, or require repair from time to time. You have to decide whom to trust for professional mobile repairs, and you’ll likely have to hire a mobile repair expert. Here’s where Toughees Telecom does well.

Toughees Telecom offers specialized repairs and services for all brands of phones. We are your one-stop store for all your Android and iOS phone repair needs. Our goal is to fix problems in the repair industry, and our USP is that we provide Level 1 mobile/laptop repairing service to corporations and high-level clients.

Our Samsung mobile repair in Delhi is dedicated to ensuring service quality, meeting promised turnaround times, providing complete data backup and transparency, and ensuring safe digital transactions. Our technicians at Samsung mobile repair store in Delhi understand the value of your phone, and we adhere to industry standards to restore it to working order.

Toughees Telecom fixes Samsung smartphones at affordable prices without compromising on quality. Our goal is to redefine the word “fixing” by making it easier, more effective, more efficient, and more accessible to individuals who had previously believed that getting a phone or laptop repaired would be a nightmare.

If you’d like a quote for Samsung screen repair service or replacement, or if you’d like to purchase a genuine Samsung spare part with a warranty, make us a request. We will send you the best solution to fix your Samsung mobile phone. That’s awesome and convenient.

Common Samsung Mobile Phone Repair Services

Samsung Phone Screen Replacement

Display flickering is another issue often associated with broken Samsung screens. We have certified mobile repair technicians available at our Samsung mobile repair store to repair any damaged Samsung screen.

Samsung Phone Battery Replacement

Samsung does not provide removable batteries for some of its models, which eventually run out and must be replaced. If your Samsung device's battery seems draining quickly, you should have it inspected. Our Samsung phone battery replacement service ensures to replace any faulty battery with an OEM replacement.

Samsung Phone Power Button Repair

It is impossible to perform certain functions on Samsung phones with faulty power buttons, such as taking screenshots, switching off the phone, or putting it to sleep. Toughees Telecom offers Samsung phone power button repairs or replaces faulty components when power buttons malfunction.

Samsung Phone Volume Button Repair

Some people prefer different sound levels, so a malfunctioning volume rocker button may pose a problem. It is common for some people to prefer a higher audio level while others prefer a lower audio level. Our certified technicians can assist you no matter how complicated your volume button issue may be.

Samsung Phone Silent Button Repair

There aren't many functions performed by this button; it allows you to silence your device manually rather than via a screen button. Some people don't need this function and can still manage without it. Even so, you should get it fixed because it may affect your device's work and damage other things.

Samsung Phone Liquid Damage Service

Liquid damage indicators allow experts to determine how much damage Samsung phones have sustained from a liquid. At Toughees Telecom, you can book certified Samsung repair experts and engineers to handle that for you.

Samsung Phone Microphone Replacement

The microphone functions similarly to the earpiece. There's one major difference between the two: with a microphone, you can put your voice on the receiver instead of being the receiver like with an earpiece. A microphone problem can make your phone unusable. Let us know if you've got a microphone problem.


It is as simple as selecting one of the models above, verifying your details, and booking your appointment to schedule a Samsung smartphone repair.

You can expect to receive a Samsung mobile screen replacement within thirty minutes of placing your order.

All our technicians are well-trained and certified to work on Samsung phones. These Samsung professionals know the advantages and disadvantages of every Samsung model and can repair your phone at home or work.

Our Samsung screen replacement warranty ranges from 3 to 6 months, and our Samsung spare part warranty ranges from 3 to 6 months.

Every effort is made to use only genuine parts whenever possible. If the original parts are unavailable, we will source OEM parts from the same factories that produce the original parts.


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