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A Chinese company, Vivo Mobile, is headquartered in Dongguan, Guangdong, China. There is no doubt that Vivo’s mobile phones are notable for their superior performance and cost efficiency, and Vivo phones based on Android are priced in the budget and mid-level segments of the market.

Vivo’s attractive design and Funtouch OS, including Android, compel mobile users to purchase their smartphones. However, there are times when mobile phones fail to work as expected. Sometimes, we drop them, and the screen is damaged, and other repairs may also be required.

Toughees Telecom is a reputable mobile repair store in Delhi that can assist you with Vivo Mobile Repair.

We at Toughees Telecom have experienced technicians in diagnosing and resolving problems with Funtouch and Android operating systems. Our well-equipped store has certified technicians capable of repairing all Vivo smartphone problems.

Our Vivo Mobile Service Store in Delhi is staffed by highly skilled technicians dedicated to providing the best possible solution for you. Once we diagnose, repair, and resolve your issue, your device will be returned to you.

Apart from this, Toughees Telecom offers mobile phone, laptop, and MacBook repair services. We also sell all types of smartphones including Vivo. Our network of trusted partners is expanding rapidly, which enables us to provide reliable and cost-effective services to our customers.

Do you need help with your Vivo mobile phone in Delhi? Have you broken your phone? No worries! Toughees Telecom provides expert support. We are a favorite of many people because of our affordable prices and trustworthy professionals. We are the best repair store for laptops & mobiles in Delhi.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Common Problems We Fix

Vivo Phone Screen Replacement

Has your Vivo's screen been smashed? Is your smartphone screen cracked, shattered, or damaged? No worries! There is no need to use a cracked device. We will assess the damage to your device, diagnose the problem, and provide you with an estimate for repair. Our company has been repairing Vivo mobile screens for many years. An average screen replacement takes about 60 minutes. Moreover, our replacement parts are only made from high-quality OEM components, and they all come with a 90-day warranty.

Vivo Mobile Battery Replacement

Having trouble with your Vivo phone battery? Is it bulging, or is it not holding a charge as it should? If you are experiencing these issues, it is recommended that you replace your Vivo phone battery right away. If your battery is no longer functional, we will replace it for you. Our mobile battery replacement service takes an hour, but once it has been completed, you can use your Vivo phone like new. Our batteries come with a 90-day warranty.

Vivo Mobile Charging Port Repair

Having problems charging your Vivo phone? Is your dock connector acting up or physically damaged after being splashed with water? Unfortunately, this is a problem with your dock connector. Charging ports are easy to fix, and most devices with docking problems can be repaired within an hour, except for those that require de-soldering and soldering. Occasionally, charging ports come with microphones and audio jacks integrated. This Vivo phone gets disassembled, docked, and examined for functionality. You can fix your charging port by cleaning it of dust or dirt. Or, you can consult us.

Vivo Mobile Speaker Repair

Is there a problem with your Vivo mobile ear speaker during a phone call? If your Vivo ear speaker can't be heard on the other end during a phone call, your Vivo may need to be repaired or replaced. Toughees Telecom offers high-quality Vivo ear speaker spares with fast service. We can improve your Vivo phone speaker in less than 30 minutes and offer a 3-month warranty.

Vivo Mobile Phone Water Damage Repair

It does not matter if you drop your smartphone in liquid or spill on it because it can be repaired. We employ certified technicians to repair liquid damage within a few hours at an affordable price. All of our parts are OEM and original. One of our most common services is water damage repair, and we have successfully returned thousands of phones to their owner.

Vivo Phone Power Button Repair

If you book a Vivo power button repair with Toughees Telecom, you can be assured that our Vivo repair experts and engineers can handle any Vivo model. Our goal is to be the best mobile phone service in Delhi by providing the highest level of service.


If you are having problems charging your Vivo V9, you must have your charging point repaired in Delhi. We have experts at Toughees Telecom who can check your device’s charging point and repair it functionally.

The customer is responsible for paying labor charges for screen replacements. The warranty policy of Vivo covers the repair of spare parts other than the screen caused by physical damage. The customer is responsible for the cost of the service.


It is almost always more cost-effective for customers to hire a screen repair service rather than replace the screen themselves. Repairing your screen will likely extend the life of your device by several months.


Vivo screen replacement depends on how the screen breaks, and screen replacement and LCD replacement are separate processes. Toughees Telecom has Vivo screen repair specialists who can guide you in the right direction.

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